Amazon Kindle Books 


We have just published this book for the Amazon Kindle.  And we want to test this market to see how well they are received.


Did you know you can download a free Kindle reader for your Windows PC, Mac, iPad and most smart phones?

And once you buy and download a book from Amazon for the Kindle you can read it on any of the devices you haveYou can even electronically "lend" the book to someone else who has the Kindle or Kindle reader.

I Have A Very Generous Offer For You:
(Please Help Us Test The Kindle Market)

We're Selling The Kindle Version for Only $7.77!

Here's the deal - we want to test the Kindle market to see if it would benefit us to continue publishing books there.  However, we've noticed that the best selling books have lots of reviews.  Well, since we just started this project, we don't have any reviews yet. 

That's where you come in.

We normally sell the printed version of this book for $37.00 and the download version for $27.00.

However, while we test-market the Kindle version we are offering it for only $7.77!  Yeah - that's not a misprint.  It's really only $7.77 for now but we'll be raising the price after this test period is over.  You can save over $19.00 right now.

Here's how you can help:

Please buy the Kindle version of the book (see the link below).  Even if you don't have a Kindle you can download the FREE Kindle readers for your computer or smartphone.

Once you buy the book, please look it over, read it and then provide a review for the book on the Amazon website.

All I ask is that you write a review for the book on Amazon.  I can't (and won't) tell you how to write your review or how to rate the book.  But obviously, the more favorable it is the more attention it will get in the future.

Over the years "Deer Hunting Secrets Exposed: How To Take The Best Buck Of Your Life" has sold very well.  We have received many email testimonials from readers who really have enjoyed it and used it to learn and greatly improve their deer hunting.

Note - if you just want to buy the Kindle version of the book and not review it, that's OK, too!  We would just appreciate the review.

So - are you ready to try it? 

Here's what I need you to do right now:

  • Click on the Amazon link below and buy your copy of our book for the Kindle.
    Hey - it's only $7.77 right now until we raise the price - you can't go wrong!)

  • Look over it, read it and get some ideas for the quality of the content on how you can become a better hunter.

  • Go back to the book on Amazon and write a review about it.

Here's the link for the Deer Hunting book:
Just click on it and buy it for $7.77


Thanks for your support.

Enjoy the book and your deer hunting!